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15 Jun 2016
Nursery Rhymes - Where Supply The Traditional Ones Gone?

If you're reading this article article you also, probably, have a toddler or two seen creating havoc. If, much like me, you're wondering where every one of the traditional nursery rhymes have gone to, I'm here to remedy your situation!

kids animation

Recall the regular children's songs from your kindergarten years such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Old MacDonald Stood a Farm, Incy Wincy/Itsy Witsy Spider, ABC, etc? I suppose that you remember them sung within a certain way, with various emphasis and stresses on certain keywords. You can't neglect the melodies either - impossible! In reality a lot of melodies are reused on multiple nursery rhymes for example Twinkle Twinkle has the same melody since the A, B, C Song and Baa Baa Black Sheep.

In order to imagine my horror when recently, while i was attempting to entertain my youngest daughter (15 months old) by incorporating videos on YouTube and almost none of those aforementioned kids' songs were when i recalled! Was my poor memory responsible here?

I desired to indicate my baby all of the nursery rhymes that we had grown up with, as did my own, personal mother/father and theirs too. I used to be stunned (or should that read "shocked"?) to find out how disastrously bad the vast majority of the internet videos were. What i'm saying is we were holding really awful! At the best, some were genuinely laugh loudly, but also for all the wrong reasons(!) and also at worst some were downright scary as well as perhaps not really ideal for young kids. Possibly the ratio of good:poor quality was around 1:40! Also I pointed out that a lot of the YouTube nursery rhyme videos had incredibly long intros - 20, 30 or even more seconds of pre-ambling material, promotions as well as other irrelevant material before going ahead and commencing the primary theme. I probably won't need to show you dear parent, that just 20 seconds can seems like a tremendously while when you have a wriggling and slightly bored baby on your lap!

Not merely are the websites and animations mainly of an incredibly sub-standard the specific songs and lyrics themselves were frequently incorrect, because singer/company's first language was often not actually English. Where had all of the real nursery rhymes gone I wondered? There was little or no online language resources that mirrored my childhood memories. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" had now become "Dwingle Dwingle" along with the son from Baa Baa Black Sheep now lived in the lane (whatever this means!)

It's important we don't lose our traditional songs on the unrelenting technological changes that permit you to definitely upload any material that like online. It is vital that prime standards are honored and that we pass our playground songs on accurately. I urge you to definitely check out many of the nursery rhyme videos yourself to view how awful they've become. You will laugh at some and wince at others but following your initial laughter has died down you also will have the sadness of one's childhood memories becoming lost.

The volume of views a relevant video has received or where seems like within the search results unfortunately doesn't give any suggestion of quality. So, where to get the great things and neglect the bad? My recommendations are listed below:

 Go to YouTube (not Google) to search
 Use the nursery rhyme's name - i.e. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is preferable to "Twinkle Twinkle" and employ speech marks around title.
 Adding the phrase "British" or "English" will help
 Click search options and under "Features" (far right) click Hi-def.

Inspired by the insufficient quality nursery rhyme videos available and with no previous experience, I assembled a crew of men and women: myself, husband and a pair of daughters(!), to generate a fix.

It was thrilling (also expensive!) and at times it absolutely was very stressful project owning a remote group of animators, but we are hugely satisfied with the last result. Our hope and dream is to create more of these traditional nursery rhyme animations and upload all of them to YouTube so they turn into a free source of one and all.

kids animation


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